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By oktober 9, 2023 Events

Did you see it, when The LEGO Group hosted their LIVE: Behind the Bricks – Additive Design & Manufacturing?

Watch the replay here:


Just imagine your future in Additive Design & Manufacturing
Can play change the world?
What does sustainable engineering look like?
How can little bricks build big communities?
We answer some big questions here at the LEGO Group. But your first one? Well, it’s probably ‘what is Additive Design & Manufacturing (AD&M) at the LEGO Group?’.
Put simply, it’s the future. And so, so much more. In this episode our awesome host Jake Blais will be joined by colleagues from our AD&M team in Denmark. They will discuss what Additive Manufacturing is, what applications we are working on and why, how we are implementing Additive Manufacturing globally and finally why this is a super exciting journey and no better time to join the team.
LEGO® Colleagues featured in this episode:
Ronen Hadar, Senior Director, Head of AD&M
Oskar Skoczylas, Engineer, AD&M
Sara Guerra, Agile Coach, AD&M
Constanza Oszwald, Senior Engineer, AD&M
Daphne Laméris, Senior Engineer, AD&M
Think of it as a lively chat between people who love what they do here. They’ll be answering questions, having exciting discussions, and sharing cool insights about their work in Additive Design & Manufacturing.

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