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AM Power – Sustainability of Metal Additive Manufacturing

By januar 10, 2023 Nyheder

Analysis of the CO2 footprint along the Additive Manufacturing process chain Transforming Manufacturing Rising atmospheric CO2 level and resulting weather phenomena have finally changed the general mind set of people, politics and industry regarding fossil fuel emission over the last 5 years. The majority now strives towards reduced carbon emission and a more sustainable way of living. […]

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Roland Berger report – Sustainability in Additive Manufacturing

By januar 10, 2023 Nyheder

By Bernhard Langefeld SUSTAINABILITY – IS ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING A GREEN DEAL? A critical look at AM’s green credentials and a roadmap to a climate-friendly future As companies in every industry get serious about targeting carbon neutrality in the years ahead, Additive Manufacturing (AM) can be no exception. By playing the zero-waste manufacturing card, AM has gained […]

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