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FORCE Technology is a technology consultancy and service company which strives to create positive technological change and make the world more sustainable and safer.

Since 1940, we have helped companies through major technological transformations: From rivets to welding. From oil adventure to wind turbines. From analogue to digital. And we still contribute to defining the technological future.

Each year, thousands of customers entrust us with their products, materials, structures, largest potentials or worst challenges since we create security and value based on impartiality, confidentiality and knowledge.

We meet the customers through on-site inspections, measurement, and data collection. We make our comprehensive and unique infrastructure of facilities and laboratories for testing, calibration and analysis available to them. And we provide them with products, components, and sensor systems as well as specialist consultancy services and training.

As a non-profit company, we exist to help others, and it is our duty to lead the way and help Danish companies become technological and sustainable front runners. We do that through research and communication of new knowledge and technology. That is also the reason that our entire profit is reinvested in the company for the benefit of society.

As one of the large GTS institutes in Denmark, we are at the same time an important part of the backbone of the Danish innovation system. Through our contribution to the technological development, we contribute to creating growth and prosperity and to making a real, positive difference for people, companies and society at large.

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